innervisions like stevie

11:55 Feb 2nd, 2013 | 17 notes

when i started the waffles girls brand in 2005, my dream was to get covered by nylon. within a year, i received a call from one of its co-founders. it was going to happen. dream fulfilled, with a personal co-sign from one of the most influential people in fashion. crazy.


as expected, it blew us up. suddenly all sorts of celebrities of varying degrees were reaching out; from the fringe to the foreign, to the mainstream to the armless. shit, there was even a rumor i was dating a pop star, which i never acknowledged or shot down as completely false. sometimes it’s better to leave things unsaid.

the brand felt successful, but it was not. i didn’t have a plan to channel all the attention; i wasn’t prepared. we sputtered. eventually we found our way but never has so much momentum been spent on sexts from cast members of the hills. wasted opportunity.

today i work with musicians of varying notoriety and fame. one of them, at age fifteen, contacted me and told me she wanted to be a star, which i think we can all agree is pretty typical. then she told me her plan. for a teenager, that was atypical; i was intrigued. we decided to work together.

she started asking me to make moves to put her in place to accomplish her goal, then followed through. she was dead serious. she was focused. she knew where she was going. and after years of getting knocked down, dusting herself off, picking herself back up and continuing to fight, she’s finally in position to make it.

will it happen? i’m convinced of it, but who knows? a meteor could land on our heads at any moment. time will tell. but i do know one thing- her goal is now a realistic possibility. and as much as i’ve helped out, none of it would matter if her vision wasn’t there from the get-go.

i had a nice bit of success with the waffles girls brand but my goal was too modest; i didn’t know what to do next after i achieved it. envision where you want to be, believe in it, and work smartly towards it. you can’t get to a destination if you don’t know where you’re going. you can’t take flight unless you’re at an airport. plan your trip.